This site currently offers the following facilities:

  1. Online Polls
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    A major problem with most currently available polling software is preventing multiple voting by the same individuals (e.g. using different email addresses). This can be prevented by restricting the poll to a "whitelist" of individuals with approved email addresses, but that is a tedious process.

    Instead, Wiki Polling restricts voting to users logging in from a recognised business organisation (initially LinkedIn), where individuals are much less likely to have more than one account.

    Even before you log in, you can view limited information about the polls, including current results.

    Once you are logged in, you can vote in polls, create your own, and tag polls to help you and others find them.

    By default, polls use the Single Transferable Vote system (which enables users to register their preferences much more accurately than the older First Past The Post [FPTP] system), polls are secret, and voting finishes after a month. But you can change the defaults when you create a poll to have longer or shorter polls, to use FPTP, etc.

  2. Online Debates/Evidence-based Cases
    (Coming soon ...)