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Welcome to the Wiki Polling help website. (This site is currently in beta, free to use, but subject to change and use at your own risk!)


Wiki Polling has been created to help business people create and vote in reliable online polls and evidence-based cases quickly and easily. No set up is required, you simply login via your LinkedIn account (at the moment WikiPolling is restricted to LinkedIn members).

By default, the polls use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system, which enables voters to express their preferences accurately, without the need for tactical voting. (Polls can also be set up to use the less fair but traditional First Past The Post method.

For some useful discussions on the merits of STV see, also (2 posts by the eminent British mathematician Sir Tim Gowers) and

Before you log in, you will only have a limited view of the polls, and you will not be able to vote in existing polls or create new ones:

(NB the images here and below are screenshots, not part of the website itself, which you can return to - it should be in another of your browser windows))

Limited View

Once you have clicked on the expansion arrows (to the left of each poll), you can see tabs with information about the polls, e.g. the options people can vote on within the poll:

Expanding Poll
Poll Options

and tags to help categorise and find polls with similar topics or content:

Poll Tags

You can click on column heading to sort on that field (it toggles between sorting in ascending and descending order). You can also search by clicking on the funnel like filter buttons in the top right of the column headings:

Filtering and sorting

Once you are logged in (NB you don't need a password, just click on the LinkedIn button on the login page), more buttons appear enabling you to create polls, add options (choices for people to vote on) to them, and vote in polls.

Logged in view

We plan to add to the site (including to this help file) in due course. We welcome feedback e.g. to

Suggested next help page: Polls.