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Welcome to the Wiki Polling help website. (This site is currently in beta, free to use, but subject to change and use at your own risk!)

Creating and voting in Polls

This page currently shows the default options for polls (for alternatives, click on the show all fields checkbox at the top left of the polls grid).

Once you are logged in, go to the Polls page and click on the Add new poll button to create a new poll:

Complete the Question field (ie what you want to be the key question in your poll) then click the Update button:

(NB the images here and below are screenshots, not part of the website itself, which you can return to - it should be in another of your browser windows))

Creating a Poll

For each option that you wish users to be able to vote on, click the Add new poll option button, then complete the Option field and click the Update button:

Poll options

Once you have finished creating your options (or if you are wishing to vote on someone else's poll), click on the "Set/Edit my preferences for this poll" button:

Voting in poll 1

Enter your preferences amongst the options in each row in turn (with 1 being your most preferred option, 2 your next preferred one, etc) by clicking the relevant Edit button and entering your Ranking (1, 2, etc) then click the Update button for that row and move on to the next one (up to 1 less than the number of options in the poll):

Voting in poll 2
Voting in poll 3

If there are n options, it is only necessary to enter n -1 preferences (because it is obvious that the remaining option is your least preferred one). The display should update to show the effect of your votes:

Voting in poll 4

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