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Terms of Use

This site is currently in beta. It is free to use, but subject to modification following feedback and further development. By using this site, you agree that your use of it is at your own risk and subject to these terms.

In particular you agree that at our sole discretion we may without prior notice remove any content that is deemed to be potentially defamatory, grossly offensive, inciting violence, obscene or pornographic or otherwise in violation of applicable laws.


We value your privacy and will only use the limited information supplied to us by the LinkedIn (or Twitter) login process for the purposes of the efficient running of this site. We will not sell or pass on your details to any external party. Please note that if you create any polls with the "Creator Is Anonymous" flag set to false, the name you registered under to associate your LinkedIn account with this site will be visible to anyone who visits the site.

Similarly, if you vote in any poll with the "Voting Is Anonymous" flag set to false (NB by default this is set to True), how you voted in that particular poll may be disclosed to other logged in users of the site.